"Having a screening by AngioScreen® has been a lifesaving experience for me."

n-p-gomezPATRICIA D.

"I was impressed with the wealth of information I got about my health in such a timely manner. The staff explained what they were doing during the tests and made me feel comfortable throughout the experience."

n-n.-ahmed TOM C.

"As a business owner, I would encourage other businesses to offer this cost-effective screening to their employees. It is easy and painless and can certainly give everyone peace of mind. At the risk of sounding dramatic, this simple screening may have saved a life and most definitely helped to avoid a medical emergency."

n-shamim-hassan DON M.

"After getting my AngioScreen® results, my doctor sent me to a cardiovascular surgeon who ordered further testing. Significant blockage was found in both iliac arteries. I am extremely thankful that my employer provided AngioScreen for its employees; it has made a difference in my life."

n-shamim-hassan WES M.

"Employee wellness is critical to job performance. If employees are healthy, then they're in school and our students benefit because they're here. The entire process was extremely well organized and the screenings were efficient."

n-shamim-hassan DAVID M.

"Much to my surprise the ultrasound revealed that I had carotid artery blockage. I was advised to see my physician and I had carotid artery surgery in the months that followed and have continued living life thankful for my health. Having the scan may have helped me avoid a stroke or even saved my life."

AngioScreen participant SUSAN B.

"When the team had finished my AngioScreen, the sonographer very calmly told me I had a “widening of my aorta”. Since AAAs run in my family, one of the first things we did after consulting with a vascular surgeon when my AAA was found was call my brother and my three sisters so they could have an AngioScreen. I’m very thankful to the AngioScreen team for offering the AngioScreen and finding my AAA early."

AngioScreen participant STAN D.

"When I had my consult immediately following the AngioScreen, I was told that I needed to see my physician as a thyroid nodule was detected during the ultrasound of my neck. My thyroid was biopsied and showed suspicous cells, which led to the removal of half my thyroid. Having learned that I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I am so thankful to the AngioScreen team for finding the nodule which led to a diagnosis that could be treated and giving me my life back!"

AngioScreen participant JOY C.